Two nights in Paris

After a long and exhausting journey coming from England, Italy and the Netherlands we finally reached Paris!

On the 27th we spent our day at the headquarter of Ne pas plier in the neighborhood of Ivry-sur-Seine where we were warmly welcomed by Gérard Paris-Clavel and Isabelle who introduced us to the activity of the atelier, talked about a selection of their projects and presented us both the historical and theoretical roots in which their practice is based.

In the morning of the 28th we visited Pierre Bernard’s Atelier de création graphique located in a beautifully inspiring building. Pierre Bernard showed us a selection of historical as well as most recent works by him and his office, especially focusing on the relationship between the designer and the customer.

On the last day of our tour we spent a couple of hours at the space of  castillo/corrales in Belleville where we spoke about their activities which join the curatorship of the exhibition space, the graphic design practice and the publishing house which operates under the name of paraguaypress. After that we were just in the right mood for paying a visit to a lot of other beautiful,  diverse, irritating, catching and stimulating bookshops…


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