Di domenica la mente non si blocca, l’università non si chiude!


Performance | Masserini Stefano

The task was to do a performance about the theme “Abuso di potere”. I thought at my life as a student and the occasion in which I felt to be really abused was when I needed to enter the University on sunday and I had not the permission. I feel it as a pathologic use of power, since there is no reason to close the university on sunday at the students. They just want to study and they need the public space that is build exactly for that reason. Therefore, I organized I rebellion: I was sited at the entrance of the uni for 5 hours on sunday.I opened the door at everyone that needed to enter.

Down here you can find a couple of screenshots of the time-lapse I recorded during my performance:

Schermata 2014-11-21 alle 14.41.42



Schermata 2014-11-21 alle 14.42.20

Then I prepared something that could have published my rebellion not only to few students that had the necessity to enter the University that day, but also to all the others. Down here you can see a couple of pictures of that installation: